First Metro Bike Share station installed at Union Station

The first Metro Bike Share station was installed Monday at Union Station, and you’ll see more of them popping up around DTLA as we get closer to the launch date on July 7.

Station locations were selected after the outreach process identified areas near community resources, jobs, bike lanes and transit. To see the map of all planned stations, visit

You can also sign up for a pass here. Metro’s bike share system opens for pass holders only on July 7. Walk-up access will be available starting August 1.

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  1. Everything great, but how about a real place for bikes in the train. A lot of people already own the bikes and don’t want to have to pay more to use one.
    The 2×4 space for strollers/bikes/luggage is beyond ridiculous when trying to motivate people to use alternative ways to commute. Most of the time that space is being use by regular people.
    I don’t want to use those bikes in want to use the bike I already spent money on way before you even came up with this “trendy” idea. Might look good for Instagram pictures but when you need a bike to commute to work and there isn’t a place to return the bike, that’s just inefficient.
    I guess the bikes are for the 1% that only wants to go for a stroll around the messed up streets of LA and go back to their countries the next day.
    While the people that uses and pays monthly $130 passes and help keep metro rail working, gets a 2×4 space for their bikes that unfortunately don’t make THE BOARD any MORE MONEY…
    Thank you for nothing

  2. I know this is just asking for trouble but what is the transfer policy for bike-to-bus or bike-to-rail (to-bike) trips?

    • Hi Jamie,

      At this time there is no transfer policy. If using bike share, once you park the bicycle, you will still need to TAP and pay base fare on bus or rail.

      Anna CHEN
      Writer, The Source

      • Thanks for the reply. Will you be able to pay for a bike with stored value on a TAP card or are the TAP cards just for identification and the passes?

        • Hi Jamie,

          That is a good question and the bike share site doesn’t quite make this clear. My thought is that you should be able to pay via stored value on TAP, but let me check and get back to you.


          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source

  3. Wait, I can use my Metro tap card to check out a bike? No body does things that efficient. I have to buy another tap card…….right?

    • To be fair, Santa Monica and Long Beach’s bike share program also allow you to use your tap card to check out the bike too.

    • I just bought a pass and supposedly it deposited to a card I currently have, just had to enter the number on the back.