Preview of June Metro Service Council meetings

Some Southern California students may already be on summer break, but school is on the agenda for all five Metro Service Councils this month. Each Council will receive a presentation on Metro’s new Universal Student Pass Pilot Program, which the Metro Board of Directors approved at its May meeting (in plain English: the program makes it easier and potentially cheaper for college students to get monthly passes). The new program rolls out this fall and will help more college students take advantage of reduced fares, among other improvements.

The Service Councils will also elect a chair and vice chair for the coming year and receive a report on regional service performance.

For more information about each Service Council, click on the name of the Council below to view their web page. Additional agenda items are below.

San Fernando Valley (6:30 p.m., Wednesday, 6/1) – Swearing in of Max Reyes as San Fernando Valley Service Councilmember; Recognition of  San Fernando Valley Service Council Members Michael Cano and Jesus R. Ochoa; Overview of June Service Changes.

San Gabriel Valley (5 p.m., Monday, 6/13) – Swearing in of Vivian Romero as San Gabriel Valley Service Council Member and Update on 6-Month Silver Line Performance.

Westside/Central (5 p.m., Wednesday, WSC 6/8) – Swearing in of Ernesto Hidalgo as Westside Central Service Councilmember and Presentation on Metro Bike Share Program.

Gateway Cities (6 p.m., Thursday, 6/9) Adoption of Line Ride Plan and Consideration of Changing Location of Monthly Service Council Meetings.

South Bay (9:30 a.m., Friday, 6/10) – Recognition of Paula Faust and James Goodhart for their service on the South Bay Service Council and Update on 6-Month Silver Line Performance.

For a detailed listing of all Council meeting dates, times and locations, click here. As always, the public is encouraged to attend and share their comments with the Service Councils on improving bus service throughout LA County. If you would like to provide input to a Council but cannot attend a meeting, you can submit your comments in writing through the Service Council web page or send them to service If your comments are for a specific Council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing in your e-mail.

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  1. IMO the new Torrance ‘transit center’ on Crenshaw Blvd is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money. NO ONE (well, very few) needs to travel to that part of Torrance and if they do, it will be by car. For highly questionable reasons the city resists a Green Line routing down Hawthorne Blvd (south of 190th) where both service workers and retail consumers would benefit far more.

    Moreover, the South Bay service council continues to suppress rider input by holding its meetings at 9:30AM when many people are working. Seriously, who do they think they are fooling?

    Metro should spend a few of its pennies on providing the ‘Telephone Town Hall’ technology to the service council meetings.

  2. Hello, I am devoted to supporting more bus/rail developement, but I need clarification on an issue. For several years the cities of Redondo Beach and Torrance have “played” (in my opinion) with the issue of building a true Transit Center in their respective cities. As of this date…still no new transit centers. Recently, I have been told that the reason(s) Redondo has not built one yet is that “governmental bodies” I.e., State and Federal are concerned with proper designs and whatever-else those authorities may be involved with are holding back developement. Could you please clarify that claim? The current transit centers in both these cities are, in my opinion, a “joke” but not so funny to those that wish to advance, and those in dire need, of public transportation. Please respond. Sincerely, Gennaro Jerry Pupa

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    • Hi Jerry;

      Torrance is planning on a transit center that would serve a potential Green Line extension. I haven’t been following Redondo Beach and not sure what is happening there. Without speaking to either project, I can tell you that when projects receive grants, there are usually certain types of requirements that must be met, often involving accessibility, civil rights and other things designed to ensure taxpayer dollars are used properly.

      I would ask officials in both cities any particular questions about this — I just don’t have the details or knowledge of either situation. Hope that helps,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source