Community meetings held for Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station Improvement Project

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On May 17, Metro held the second of two community meetings to introduce a new design for the fourth busiest station in the Metro system – which serves as the transfer point between the Blue Line and Green Line – and a proposed civic plaza adjacent to the station.

The meeting at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Public Health in Willowbrook welcomed attendees in an open house fashion to discuss design improvements around “Information Stations” based on input gathered from the first community



meeting and a 3D virtual model display. Metro also presented results from surveys gathered from patrons waiting for trains on both the Green Line and Blue Line platforms during peak AM and PM weekday communing times.

Over 25 community members — many of whom were not present at the first meeting — attended and provided constructive feedback on the new design direction, highlighting interest in public art opportunities, increased transfer circulation and robust community-partnerships to develop programs for the new plaza and Bike Hub.

New feedback focused on increasing multi-modal access to the station from the north and consolidating regional shuttle stops for ease of use and efficiency.

Metro staff are now looking for other ways to get the word out, including posting the revised design proposal at various community-relevant locations and events, such as the Juneteenth celebrations in the area, the County Supervisor’s field office, the Willowbrook Library and the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station.  Please let us know if you have any ideas for locations or groups to share the data.

In the meantime, click here to view materials from both community meetings. For more information, and to provide further input, visit our website at or email us at if you have any questions.

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  1. Hello metro far as this station please get the sheriffs and there security up and out those air conditioned offices and cars and put them to work on both the platforms blue and green and others and on the rails and buses securing passengers and riders and mingling with the riders and add led lighting and some restrooms and walking and ike trail bring back the power washing of this station and elevators and all other ststions and make both platforms more senior disable rider friendly and please find help for the homeless up under the surrounding bridges and add more curb appeal and more art decal and make the ststion and all others a transportation hubs add some green materials like green sprinklers or drip lines and non toxic paints drought tolerant plants and poris concrete better trash cans an more tap card machines on all sides of the station better turn styles especially for the elderly and disabled and a pickup or drop off area were riders can e picked up or dropped off at and please stop the loitering around the station of all kinds of gangs bring some new buisness to the adjancent shopping plaza with local hirings and open the side gate to the shopping plaza and hopefully with the installment of the sheriff station or sub station that the metro and other surrounding stations and communities surro7nding this station can and will be secure safe and riders and those communities that are north south east and west of rosa park station in each direction safety security and there way of life will be alot better so that we wont have another scene like rosa park station had th the beating and killing of my neighbor at rosa park station had which was on camera and out in front of the metro sheriff building which doesnt make sense and should not have ever happened and when will metro bring new trains and longer three car trains to both the blue line and green line and when can the 120metro bus and 55metro bus lines get double buseson snd along those lines. And when can metro add more late night owl bus routes in south la and in the south east and west snd east north and south la and other areas of the metro bus sbd rail system routes

    • Yeah to that. And while Metro is at it, maybe they can add some punctuation.

  2. Besides the above suggestions, this station begs for turnstyles and relocated TAP machines. Perhaps Metro could get LASD away from their break room NEXT DOOR in order to show more presence at the station; a lot of non-rider locals just ‘hangin out’.

  3. Consider representing residents in a variety of professions at station. The current installation can be updated by the same artist, if he is willing. Add more lights, more make it user friendly (The Metro TAP machine is off to the side of the train), and clean it more often.
    Please, please train and hire locals residents.

  4. It certainly does need to be updated it is an ugly station for a transfer point. Another escalator is needed instead of all steps on the south side of the station. Better lighting in the station; more LED lights are needed. You need to have one elevator instead of two. It confuses a lot of passengers not familiar with the station. The whole station just looks run down and dirty for the most part also, people keep urinating in the elevators. Metro does not have enough restrooms.