Video: time-lapse of Regional Connector work at future 2nd/Hope Station

Progress continues across downtown Los Angeles on the Regional Connector project. At the 2nd St/Hope Station, excavation of the project’s deepest station has begun.

Excavation activities continue under Hope Street. That’s why in the video mounds of dirt seemingly sprout and dissolve as crews dig up and then haul away tons of soil.

At the same time, 163 support piles are placed in shafts and begin to form the outline of the station box. The 100-foot crane shimmies around the work site to drop in the steel beams.

Lastly, crews have moved forward on assembling the utilities bridge, the sprawling framework appearing near the end of the video. This structure routes gas, storm drain and communication lines through the site and prepares the utilities to be hung over the site when the station box is finished.

Similar piling work is ongoing at the 1st/Central Ave Station (requiring street closures) and Flower St and utility relocation continues at 2nd St/Broadway. All this in anticipation of tunneling operations scheduled to begin late this year.

4 replies

  1. Hey Metro, how about getting someone to host webcams that point at the various work sites. No shortage of high rise buildings to shoot down from!

  2. Any pans for a residential tower above this station? I really hope that happens eventually. Same with Little Tokyo station. A residential building should be built above it.

  3. I cannot wait for this to be done. I live right next to Compton station and would love to trip to Pasadena.