PowerPoints: Purple Line Extension section one construction

Above and below are two recent presentations for the first section of the Purple Line Extension project, which is extending the subway from Wilshire/Western to Wilshire/La Cienega. Decking begins in June for the Wilshire/La Brea Station — see below. We’ll be providing a lot more info after the holiday weekend.

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  1. Thanks for Metro Purple Line Under Construction Wilshire Blvd. Underground Heavy Rail Subway Route going to Westwood similar Metro Brown Line Sunset Blvd. Underground Light Rail Subway Route going to Hollywood via Chinatown Gateway Station on North Broadway and Ord Street with two entrances on New High Street and Hill Street adjacent next to Chinatown Public Library followed by Dodger Stadium then to Hollywood via Sunset Blvd. Underground Route or Glendale Metrolink Station connecting to Metrolink Antelope Valley Line. According and cited by April Dog’s Productions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1dVaL3X5Co and cited by Matt Szabo’s Sunset Underground Subway Light Rail http://la.curbed.com/2013/2/28/10268816/council-candidate-calls-for-sunset-rail-line-riverside-streetcar for more details.

  2. Metro is going to detour all the Wilshire buses through the intersection of 3rd and Fairfax? Good luck with that.