Bike to work day is Thursday, May 19!

From Brian Liang with Metro’s bike team:

Ever tried to commute to work by bike? On Thursday, May 19, join thousands of other bike commuters around Los Angeles County for Bike to Work Day!

To make your bike commute super easy and fun, there will be pit stops located around the county to provide you with tips, refreshments, giveaways and more! Check out the map below for a list of bike to work day pit stops:

Also, on Bike to Work Day, Metro buses and trains are free for those boarding with a bike or bike helmet. To claim your free ride on Metro rail at latched stations, use the Gate help intercom located near the fare gates to notify the attendant who will open the ADA gates for you.

If you have never tried commuting to work or to the train by bicycle, May 19 is the perfect day to give it a go! From bike to train and back again!

Check out our Bike Month website for all the details on Bike Month 2016.

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  1. Funny, in the Bay Area, where I live, Bike to Work day was May 12.