Need some Expo Line extension pics? Here they are!

For anyone who needs Expo Line extension photos, above is a portion of our collection. Please feel free to use as needed!

Our entire collection of photos are on Flickr. To download, click on the down-facing arrow at the bottom right of each image.


Expo Line media ride (mostly elected officials)

Expo Line testing (May 2016)

Expo Line testing view from the train cab (April 2016)

Expo Line testing (Feb. 2016) 

Expo Line traffic signal testing (Nov. 2015)

Expo Line clearance testing (Feb. 2015) 

More Expo Line clearance testing (April 2015) 

Expo Line signal testing (May 2015) 

Expo Line extension construction (Sept – Oct 2014)

Expo Line extension construction (throughout the project) 

Expo Line Phase 2 right-of-way prior to construction (June 2011)


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  1. where can I get a commemorative turquoise cap that metro staff were wearing today? Happy to buy one!