Podcast: the $2.2-billion capital spending slice of Metro’s budget


In part two of our podcast trilogy looking at the Metro’s budget for the coming fiscal year, Steve and Drew look at some of the construction projects and programs that consume 40 percent of Metro’s $5.6-billion budget.

Here’s last week’s podcast providing a budget overview. Need something to read? The proposed budget is posted below. The Metro Board of Directors will consider it at their meetings this month.

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  1. I think Metro is doing an excellent PR job on many media fronts telling us how much it does to “ease traffic” in LA. In my opinion this PR job seems to be to soften-up the voters to raise the sales tax for decades to come, not only to get new projects done but to make sure Metro’s pensions are secure. But, that’s just my opinion. What Metro is not giving enough weight to, in my opinion, is that many folks still are living in the “Great Recession.” They are not in the mood to raise sales taxes. Although Trump is no friend of the poor, he did say that taxes must be raised on the rich–like himself. However, raising the sales tax is in effect raising taxes on the poor and middle classes. Add to this Metro is still in love with funding “wacko” billion dollar schemes like the 710 Tunnel to Alhambra. The people would prefer and would feel more supportive of Metro, if it would repair our current streets and highways which are in terrible condition instead of new projects, whether it is the so-called “Alhambra Subway” or a “phantom” freeway in the desert. By the way, who is running the “Traffic Ease” PR act? How much of the tax payer’s money is being spent trying to convince the public that Metro is doing its job (instead of actually doing its job) and what ad agency is now on Metro’s dole–or is it “in house”? I for one would like some answers to the above issues and questions.

    • Cities pave streets not Metro. Caltrans is responsible for the freeway conditions. State senators from the SGV held Metro hostage by insisting they had to include the 710 funding in Measure R or they would not allow Metro to take Measure R to the voters.