Podcast: first look at Metro’s $5.6-billion budget for FY 2016-17


It’s May, meaning it’s time again for Metro to adopt a budget for the coming fiscal year that begins July 1.

Above is the first of three short podcasts we’ll post this month to help make the budget process a bit more palatable/digestible for those adverse to such wonkery (a completely understandable condition, btw).

One interesting nugget from this year’s process: even with much happening at the agency (rail openings, rail construction, bike share etc.), the budget this year will actually be less costly than the current year while bus and rail service levels are maintained or going up due to the Expo and Gold Line extensions.

Give it a listen. Below is the proposed budget followed by a Metro staff presentation that explains some budget basics. The Metro Board is scheduled at their May 26 meeting to consider the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

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  1. Once again with feeling, PLEASE get your IT folks to add a ‘direct download’ option for Metro podcasts.

    I have no desire to get a ‘Soundcloud’ account just for this purpose. That obscure service can’t even be bothered to use logins from other commonly used services like Google+, Reddit, Disqus, OpenID, etc. Does someone at Metro have an interest in Soundcloud, or is this yet another IT fail? Channeling Dr. Leonard McCoy ……..