Actions taken Thursday by the Metro Board of Directors

The full agenda for the April meeting is here. Audio and video will be posted soon here.

•The Board approved a motion by Don Knabe to transition the portion of the 270 north of El Monte Station to Foothill Transit and the portion south of El Monte Station to Norwalk Transit. The Gateway Service Council had asked that Metro retain the southern portion of the line.

Here is a summary of the rest of the June bus service changes as approved by the Service Councils.

•The Board approved a motion by James T. Butts, Don Knabe and Ara Najarian asking Metro to expand the number of locations that have TAP vending machines, including along muni bus lines and other places outside of Metro Rail stations.

•The Board approved a motion asking Metro to develop a plan for transitioning Metro’s bus fleet to zero emission vehicles. Full motion here.

•The Board approved a motion directing Metro to offer a new east-west Rapid Bus line serving CSUN — the line, as proposed, would run between the Orange Line’s Nordhoff Station and the 794 Rapid that runs north-south on San Fernando Road. Details to come about when service might begin.

•The Board approved beginning design work on track improvements that will help Red and Purple Line trains reverse quicker at Union Station, the eastern terminus of the subway.

•The Metro Board approved a contract for a “track intrusion detection system” pilot program to be tested at three Metro Rail stations (Chinatown on the Gold Line, Civic Center on the Red/Purple Lines and 103rd/Watts Towers on the Blue Line.

3 replies

  1. The Line 270 change will mean that starting June 27, there will no longer be real time bus information (as Norwalk does not participate in Nextbus, or any real time bus information application – one of the few agencies in Southern California left which doesn’t do so), and the bus will disappear off Apple Maps and Google Transit since Norwalk doesn’t publish their information to the apps. Not the direction we need to be going in. At least Foothill is on the apps and has Nextbus.

  2. I am concerned with the changes to the Disneyland (460 bus.) Will this change result in the Silver Line become more crowded? Will Metro add additional Silver Line Buses?

    460 Downtown LA –
    Disneyland via Harbor
    Transitway – I-105 Fwy
    Discontinue route segment from Downtown LA to Norwalk
    Green Line Station (replacement service provided by Metro
    Silver Line, Silver Express, Blue Line, and Green Line)

  3. Giving away the Metro line is silly. It would be far more rider friendly for Metro to take over every single other transit agency in all of LA county, not further fracture agencies.