5 things to know about artworks for the future Westchester/Veterans Station

Detail of in-progress artwork design by Geoff McFetridge for Westchester/Veterans Station.

Here are five things to know about the artworks-in-progress for the future Westchester/Veterans Station. The artworks will contribute to a welcoming environment for riders and connect the station to surrounding neighborhoods.

  1. Artist Geoff McFetridge uses simple lines and flat color to create his own visual language.
  2. His use of geometry alludes to architecture, and the infrastructure of a city. The large shapes could be seen as the structures of the city that both support and are supported by the people.
  3. The large graphic forms are abstract while the people, though geometric, are specific. They are mothers and kids, gardeners and lawyers.
  4. The final forms end up being many things: a captured moment in a dance, a group, a community, a city.
  5. The artist is an avid cyclist and uses trains as the final leg in long rides.

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