This Weekend: Bus shuttles replace Blue Line between Slauson-103rd St/Watts Towers

Beginning Friday, April 29 after 9 p.m. through Sunday, May 1 close of service, bus shuttles will replace Blue Line between Slauson and 103rd St/Watts Towers as crews perform preventative maintenance and make improvements to the interlocking, or track crossover point, between Florence and Firestone Station.

Slauson-103rd St Turnback

All trains originating from Downtown Long Beach will travel as far north as 103rd St/Watts Towers Station. All trains from 7th Street/Metro Center will travel as far south as Slauson. Customers may want to consider a combination of Green Line and Silver Line for a faster route between downtown L.A. and south L.A.

While upgrade work is in effect, Blue Line service levels will be as follows:

  • The last complete northbound trips on Friday evening depart Long Beach at approximately 7:28 p.m., 7:40, 7:52, 8:04 and 8:16pm. The last complete southbound trips depart 7th /Metro at approximately 7:46, 7:58, 8:10, 8:22 and 8:34.
  •  After 9 p.m., Friday : Trains between 7th St/Metro Center and Slauson arrive every 20-30 minutes, and may arrive on opposite tracks at San Pedro St, Washington, Vernon and Slauson.  Trains between 103rd St/Watts Towers arrive every 12 minutes, then every 20 minutes from 11 p.m. to close between 103rd St/Watts Towers and Long Beach only.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Trains between 7th St/Metro Center and Slauson arrive every 20-30 minutes, and may arrive on opposite tracks at San Pedro St, Washington, Vernon and Slauson. Trains arrive every 12 minutes between 103rd St/Watts Towers and Downtown Long Beach.  

Bus shuttles will match Blue Line service levels as best as possible. Please note the schedule may be subject to work-related delays.

Finally, we realize this weekend’s service changes may be an inconvenience and we would like thank all affected customers for their patience and understanding. As many already know, the planned improvements are related to the Blue Line Upgrades project, a $1.2 billion overhaul that will ultimately enhance Metro Blue Line service for years to come.

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5 replies

  1. Hello can they please fix the two rusted holes in both the poles holding up the elevator at Firestone station and can metro please come up with a idea to extend the platform at Firestone blue line station north bound and maybe add a a elevator or stairs or escalators so that riders can stop running out in front of traffic just to catch the westbound metro 115 bus

  2. I thought they had completed all the improvements segment by segment. But now they are starting all over again. could they have worked on the cross overs the same time the other work was being done? This is a great example of why many believe the MTA does not know what it is doing. It’s not a true transit agency, that disappeared with the RTD, it’s a typical make work government agency looking for another project to waste the tax payers dollars.

  3. Where is the happy medium of reliable service to maintenance delays? Or does one exist? This week for example the Blue line is every 24 minutes during the day and then this weekend service is abridged. If this is the case for the light rail lines(largely diminished service after 25 years) I’m not really keen on this new tax increase to fund more rail. All last summer I sat thru the bus shuttles, and look at the stations currently, you wouldn’t believe Slauson got a makeover cuz it looks worse than before. If major, major delays are necessary for basic maintenance preformed over multiple years just to keep the Blue Line running at it’s already pathetically slow rate then I’m not sure I want to vote for more light rail in LA.