Board of Directors’ April meeting is underway

Not the busiest of Metro Board agendas, but three items that may be of interest to everyday riders are:

•A motion directing Metro to offer a new east-west Rapid Bus line serving CSUN — the line, as proposed, would run between the Orange Line’s Nordhoff Station and the 794 Rapid that runs north-south on San Fernando Road.

•Approval of funding to begin design work on track improvements that will help Red and Purple Line trains turn around quicker at Union Station.

•Approval of a contract for a “track intrusion detection system” pilot program to be tested at three Metro Rail stations (Chinatown on the Gold Line, Civic Center on the Red/Purple Lines and 103rd/Watts Towers on the Blue Line.

You can watch and listen online.





3 replies

  1. The Red and Purple Lines do not turn around at Union Station, they reverse direction. With that said how are they going to make the Train Operators walk from one end of the train to the other any faster? There are two tracks currently and if a train has a long layover it is pulled into the north end of the yard which takes only seconds.

    • From my observations, Metro does a excellent job of turning trains quickly at peak periods by having a new operator waiting by the rear of the train as it arrives so that s/he can then drive the train out on its next trip.

      Alternatively, when there is a longer layover, the operators have been walking the trains to look for “seat hogs” and any other issues that might require further attention.