Metro’s Green Places: reimagine and reinvent public spaces

Lincoln Heights Sustainable Landscaping

Lincoln Heights Sustainable Landscaping

Today is Earth Day, the one day a year everyone super cares about the environment. So hopefully you’ve elected to leave your car at home and give walking, biking or transit a try. After all, taking public transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are some of Metro’s other contributions in the name of going green:

  • Metro operates the largest compressed natural gas-powered bus fleet in the U.S.
  • We generate more solar electric power than any other transit agency in the U.S.
  • We employ water saving activities that reduce water consumption by 4.3 million gallons a year.
  • We have an Environmental Compliance and Services Department (ECSD) team that implements projects related to energy conservation, water use, recycling, waste, fueling operations, vehicle emissions, etc.

And while Metro continues to work on reducing the amount of resources used, the agency is also looking for ways to create more green spaces that make the transit experience more enjoyable. For example: instead of walking down a stark, barren sidewalk, walk through a temporary pedestrian plaza. The walk feels shorter and more comfortable, right? Or instead of waiting at a hot and boring bus stop, wait at a stop shaded by public art made of recycled materials.

Green Places supports the creation of safe, healthy, livable communities that allow people to easily walk, bike or take alternative transportation. The tool kit can be used as a resource or a roadmap. You’ll find examples of greening projects, examples of pitfalls to avoid and best practices for things like partnerships and maintenance. You’ll also get the basics on how to implement a particular project you may already be thinking about. Not all of these projects can be taken on by one person — but hey, it only takes one person to think ‘you know what would be great? A day where we close some streets to cars’ and the next thing you know, you’ve got CicLAvia (and a day of cleaner air for the city)!

So take a look at some ways you might be able to create Green Places and maybe you’ll find a project that will last you well beyond Earth Day.

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