How We Roll, April 21: another hot year, Expo vs driving

Streaming coverage and music today from Prince on The Current in Minneapolis, one of the nation’s great radio stations. And here’s a NYT profile of Prince from 1996.



2016 already shows record temperatures (NYT)

Another year, another record in the making in terms of global temperatures. Want to lower your greenhouse gas emissions? Try taking transit instead of driving alone.

On the subject of global warming, here’s something to listen to whilst transiting:

Will the Expo Line get you out of your car? (LAT)

Looking west toward the 405. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

Looking west toward the 405. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

A good story by Nita Lelyveld on Santa Monica’s attempt to provide residents, visitors and commuters with more transportation options, with the new Expo Line extension a centerpiece. The article neatly avoids the cliche of selling Expo as a fix to traffic and instead points to the fact that SaMo is trying to give people more bus, train, walking and biking options and it will probably take time for people to embrace those things.

In costly Bay Area, cries to build, baby, build (NYT)

A good read about a group fed up with the Bay Area’s affordability and housing shortages, leading the group to sue cities for not allowing more development. Not everyone agrees with the strategy but it’s certainly different than the rampant NIMBYism we see here where development is treated like Rick & Co. treat those nasty biters.

In Los Angeles, ditching the car for an eco-friendly trip (NYT)

The Frugal Traveler visits and relies heavily on the Metro, including some minor gripes about the extent of the system and a delayed Azusa-bound train.

Spare a Swipe? New York City eases rules for a subway request (NYT)

Police are issuing tickets instead of arresting those who ask other riders to swipe them into the system to avoid the $2.75 fare.