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  1. Ok – so this is on VNB? Then stops at the Orange Line on Van Nuys& then they want to pick up a second project at the Orange Line on Sepulveda going through the Sepulveda Pass? Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculously stupid? Why is this thing on VNB – it should be on Sepulveda to begin with (North / South from Westwood to North SFV) and go straight across the Orange Line – and then pick another location to go East / West and make that a separate project. Or it can go from Westwood past the Orange Line and then turn on Parthenia towards Van Nuys Blvd and keep going on Van Nuys Blvd to San Fernando Road. But if you’re on San Fernando Road and want to get to Westwood…you need to take this new VNB Line to the Orange Line – get off…wait for the Orange Line. Get on the Orange Line for 1 Mile…then get off and wait for the Sepulveda Pass Line. Are you serious?

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