The latest on the June bus service changes

Above are the Metro bus service changes as currently proposed to take effect in June or after. The changes were proposed by Metro staff and then approved, rejected or amended by the five different Metro Service Councils that consist of riders and citizens.

The changes are going to the Metro Board of Directors at their April 28 meeting as a receive-and-file item although Board Members can introduce a motion or motions to vote on changing what is proposed.

A few items of note:

•The 460 bus remains unchanged and will continue to run between downtown Los Angeles and Disneyland.

•Line 190/194 will be discontinued by Metro and taken over by Foothill Transit, which will honor all Metro fare media for at least one year and add one late night trip on the 190.

•The northern part of the 270 between El Monte Station and Monrovia will be discontinued by Metro and taken over by Foothill Transit. The southern part of the 270 between El Monte Station and Norwalk will continue to be operated by Metro.

•Lines 734 and 788 will both be extended from Westwood to the Expo Line’s Sepulveda/Expo Station after the rail extension opens.

•Line 704 on Santa Monica Boulevard will operate every 15 minutes during midday on weekdays instead of every 20 minutes.

•On Line 485, service will be discontinued between Cal State LA and downtown Los Angeles (due to extremely low ridership); riders can use the Silver Line between Cal State L.A. and DTLA. The 485’s route north from Cal State LA will remain as is but be renamed as the 258.

•Line 258 will be routed to Cal State LA and then  continue north on the 485’s route to Pasadena and Altadena. This will provide a connection between Paramount, Cal State LA and Pasadena. This will be known as Line 258.

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  1. Isn’t Norwalk Transit planning on taking over the 270 south of El Monte? They just held a public meeting on it this past Tuesday

  2. I heard the Line 234 will also extend from Sylmar to Pico and Sepulveda Expo Line Station but only on late night/owl service and on the weekends when the Line 734 and the Line 788 will not operate on the weekends that’s good I like would like to ride the Line 234 from Pico and Sepulveda Expo Line Station to Sherman Oaks or to Van Nuys and take my other connection to the San Fernando Valley areas Metro Bus routes I hope the Line 234 will extend from Sylmar to Pico and Sepulveda only on the late night/owl service and on the weekends.

  3. I thought Metro was considering changes to the Silver Line schedule. It is not “a faster way to downtown,” as advertised.

  4. How does Foothill Transit “honor all fare media” if their fareboxes cannot read a TAP card loaded with Metro Pass? How does one continue a journey in the 2-hour window that originates on Metro for no extra charge? How does one board the new FT 190 or FT 194 bus and ensure that they will be able to continue their 2-hour-window travel on to Metro without being dinged for another charge to their TAP cash purse?

    • These are the real objections that I observed in person. It doesn’t look like Metro wants to answer them.
      As an aside, I traveled on the 190 for the first time last week from El Monte to IKEA in Covina. I was amazed. For all this talk about cutting the line to save money, the bus was mostly full, and regularly unloaded and reloaded passengers.
      If this bus line isn’t profitable, why does Foothill want it so badly?

      • vote no on the tax increase. everyone needs to teach metro a leason. they should get routes from foothill not give them routes. there making it impossible to take transit with all they different agencies. no ther city has this vote no on tax

  5. Jeez, how long it will take for 258 to run from Paramount to Altadena via Cal State LA? I hope it can run on-time, with the horrible traffic on the I-10 during peak hours. Maybe Metro should consider this, in December or next June, make the 258 skip Cal State LA and run to Altadena directly, at the same time extend Line 71 or Line 665 from Cal State LA to Alhambra.

  6. Comments were overwhelmingly negative but almost every action was ‘approved as proposed’.
    The public comment I was privy to in the Downtown meeting had a lot more nuance than the sample comments and answers in the Metro summary.

    Did anyone else attend in person?
    I’m feeling a little bit like folks were straw-manned.

  7. OMG, lines 190 and 194 will be taken over by foothill transit. Major blow.I am at least glad line 460 remains unchanged.

  8. Does the provision about foothill transit accepting metro fare media include the two hour transfer?

    • Hi John;

      I believe so but let me check.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  9. Eliminating two trips on the 175 Line does not make sense and strands the students at John Marshall High School with no nearby bus service that provides service to the isolated areas served by Line 175. Currently there is only one bus on the line providing one hour service. Either the bus would sit for two plus hours on the street or pull-in and pull-out of Division 3 eating up all of the so called savings.