Work begins on new private vehicle pick-up/drop-off lot at East Portal of Union Station

Work is beginning this week on a new pick-up and drop-off area for private vehicles at the East Portal of Los Angeles Union Station. The new lot will be one level below Patsouras Plaza — the same level that provides access to trains.

A rendering of future pick-up and drop-off area.

A rendering of future park and ride

This is a chance to separate the bus and private car traffic on the plaza, which tends to result in it taking longer for buses to exit the plaza and other conflicts. The new pick-up and drop-off lot is expected to open in July.

The other salient issue here: Patsouras Plaza’s surface needs to be redone after 20 years of having heavy buses roll around on top of it. That work is scheduled to begin in July. At that point the bus stops will have to be temporarily relocated from the plaza. More on those efforts as we get closer to the work.

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  1. Any word on when the new Silver line platform will be built? ……………………………………

  2. This is great news. The station is always a madhouse trying to pick up or drop off people.