Metro Board approves release of potential ballot measure spending plan for public review

The Metro Board of Directors approved the release of a draft expenditure plan for public review and input today. The $120-plus billion Metro Plan could become part of a possible November ballot measure to fund a wide variety of transit and highway projects, local roadway improvements and pedestrian and bike paths to be built over the next four decades.

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  1. I am totally against the $120 billion metro plan. Train ridership is actually going down, not increasing. Train maintenance is not even figured into any of these plans, let alone the trains that have been in service since they were first built, that are now breaking down. This is a disaster in the making. Measure R should not be extended. We voted for measure R, and its timetable. You cannot change this. The voters spoke then, and we are voicing our concerns now. This proposal is absolutely ludicrous. This will never pass. Don’t place this on the ballot. Please fix our broken sidewalks, as it is many people’s primary mode of transportation.

    • Hi Peter,

      In this draft expenditure plan, there is money allocated for state of good repair and Metro Rail operations. Sidewalks are under the purview of cities, and money could be provided for them through Local Returns or regional active transportation projects, both of which have been allocated money in the plan.

      We encourage you to send your feedback also to so it can be filed for further review.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. The plan to add bus lanes and then add toll lanes, or Lexus lanes, to the 405 Freeway is a very bad idea and should not be done. The 405/Sepulveda Pass needs a rail transit tunnel completed within 25 years.

    The East San Fernando/Van Nuys Blvd project needs to coincide with timing of Measure R not delayed until the mid-2020’s as proposed. Measure R had this project breaking ground in 2018 and any delays are completely unacceptable. This line needs to be rail and it needs to be completed on time as outlined by Measure R.

    Measure R had a timetable to complete projects and that timetable needs to stay in place. Projects like the Gold Line Foothill extension to Claremont should not be placed in front of or as a priority to projects listed in Measure R with listed dates of completion.

    Metro needs to present a plan to taxpayers on how it will accomplish everything in the plan within 25 years.

    Delaying projects for 35, 40, or 50 years is neither a plan nor a realistic dream if many people who will vote for this plan may not even be alive to see it to completion. Metro is already proposing to delay transit plans in Measure R in order to speed up or add others plans. Within 10, 20, or 30 years Metro will be have different proposals that would change or supersede these current proposals. Therefore, Metro should have a plan for the next 20 or 25 years and stick to that and not change Measure R.