Here’s the latest presentation on the Purple Line Extension

Metro’s most recent community update on the Purple Line Extension took place last week, and the presentation is now available for the public to view online. You can also scroll through it below.

A few highlights from the presentation include:

  • Demolition activities for sound wall construction at future Western staging yard.
  • Upcoming decking activities on La Brea are set to begin in June 2016 and will occur in three phases. The work will take place over 22 weekends.
  • Utility relocation work continues along the alignment on Wilshire Blvd. from La Cienega to San Vicente. Demolition of buildings on Gale and Wilshire is anticipated in May 2016
  • Piling activities at La Brea will transition over to the south side of Wilshire Blvd. in mid-April 2016.
  • Tree and media removal will begin in April in preparation for pile installation at Fairfax. Trees will be replaced at a 2:1 ratio upon project completion.

The next community meeting will be held on May 19, 2016 at John Burrough’s Middle School located at 600 S. McCadden Pl, Los Angeles, 90005.

5 replies

  1. Get building! I know Beverly Hills has delayed construction. Hopefully they’ll be fined for wasting the courts’ time soon.

    About three days after the Expo Line opens, it’ll be obvious that the final phase of the Purple Line — the Subway to the Sea — needs to be built ASAP. This will make it imperative to accelerate “section 3”, in order to get section 4 done. Hopefully this will be the top priority in the next ballot measure.

  2. Need to Fix the Map in this presentation as Expo Line is No Longer Under Construction and IS in Pre Revenue Operations Has was turned over to metro back in January

  3. I’m extremely disappointed that, under Metro’s newly released draft Long Range transit plan, the Crenshaw-LAX light rail line is not scheduled to link up with the Purple Line until 2055 !! Given Metro’s investment in the Purple Line and the Purple Line extension , this seems to be very short-sighted.

    Travelers to / from LAX should be able to get one-train access to the Purple Line as soon as possible, and preferably at the same time as when the Metro Purple Line Extension is completed. Focus on Metro’s stated goal of connectivity

    • No way this could be completed anywhere near the same time as the Purple Line. The Purple Line is literally 10 years ahead of any Crenshaw Line extension even in the fastest scenario. This extension would still need to go through Alternative Analysis and then Environmental Review, pre construction, and then a lengthy construction period. Purple Line is already being constructed now.

    • People in the West Hollywood area agree with you about an even longer north-south route extension of the Crenshaw/LAX line. See for their ideas. We need to keep those TBMs busy!