Union Station Master Plan Program EIR scoping meeting on March 31


This is the next step in the Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan that was approved by the Metro Board in 2014 (presentation here) — the preparation of the legally-required environmental studies. Please see the meeting notice above and the helpful video below. And here’s the project home page.

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  1. […] Calendar extra: Thursday 3/31 – Metro hosts initial scoping meeting for environmental review for its Union Station Master Plan. Meeting is tomorrow from 6 to 8 p.m. at Metro’s board room, behind Union Station. Easy Gold, Red, and Purple line access. Additional details at The Source. […]

  2. Why is there only simplified Chinese and Mandarin translation available?

    If anyone ever goes by Chinatown, which is in proximity to Union Station so I assume that is why they are offering Chinese translation, people there use traditional Chinese and Cantonese/Vietnamese.

  3. It’s odd that SCRIP is mentioned only in passing, given that SCRIP is *critically important* to the future of Union Station. SCRIP should be on page one of the plan!

  4. I notice that the Southern California Regional Interconnection Project (SCRIP) (aka Run-Through) is mentioned only in passing. I feel that ALL Union Station projects should be addressed as a single project and constructed concurrently, as they all tie into one another.

    I agree with those who feel that the High Speed Rail (HSR) station should be on an elevated structure located near the present Gold Line station to facilitate transfer between the HSR and Metro light rail and subway.

    Although not really a part of the Union Station project, but related, we should provide a one-seat ride between Union Station and downtown LA to LAX. Looking at what we already have, I propose that an elevated extension of the Blue Line be constructed above the Harbor Subdivision and connected to the Crenshaw Line and routed to the 96th Street station, where the patrons can transfer to the LAX Automated People Mover. Since the Blue Line is already elevated over Slauson, only a flat junction is needed.

    • The LAX Flyaway bus already provides a one-seat ride between Union Station and every terminal at LAX. I’ve used it a few times and it’s great. It’s also designed for riders carrying luggage.

      Also, the free and frequent shuttle from the Green Line to LAX is really underappreciated. People may not realize all of the great transit options that can get you to LAX today.

    • A direct route to LAX is a poor use of limited funds since downtown to airport passenger use is actually quite limited, compared to the rest of the system. You’re actually better off improving the connections for airport employees than to focus on the passengers themselves.