UPDATE: Red/Purple Line trains resume normal service

UPDATE, 9:10 a.m.: Red and Purple Line trains resume normal service, with minor delays through 9:30 a.m.

Trains are currently sharing one track between Union Station and Westlake/MacArthur Park. Expect delays.

For those looking for alternative service, here is the downtown L.A. bus and rail map. The entire list of nearby bus routes is here.

Many buses travel north-south on streets near the Red/Purple Line — transfer for free using your TAP card. Here is the downtown Metro bus and rail map:



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  1. How’s this for an innovative concept? Organize a Metro SWAT team. (Maybe we could call them SIAC: Strategic Information and Communication.) Use qualified staff to create a ready response unit who can be deployed at a moments notice to respond to major service interruptions. The key word here being qualified. I can understand that there will be occasional service disruptions (sometimes more occasional than others) but information and communication seem to be the most glaring deficiencies in the current system.
    Oh yeah, and fix the message boards in 7th/Metro to give real time next train information.

  2. That’s odd Steve, because when I went down on to the platform at 8:35-ish, there were no trains, no announcements, nothing on the million-dollar reader boards and no staff telling people not to enter the station. Up at the bus plaza there was no information either. Total letdown.

    Metro knew about this at 7:38a and no one thought to deploy some sort of informational scheme apart from sending out a Tweet? Art Leahy help us if there is ever a real need for Metro to divert passengers.

  3. Very bad service, all metro employees this morning did not help guide any of us passengers to the correct buses or give us an explanation of what the situation was regarding the red line not working. I love how all the info is posted on the website but none of this info was available at union station.FYI this also happened yesterday and same thing no one was able to explain what was going on or what to do in case the red line is not working.

  4. Metro is on a roll. First Blue Line. Then Expo. And now the Red/Purple. I guess we should expect power loss on the Gold Line and Green Line in the next two consecutive days.