Orange Line to undergo travel time improvement testing week of Feb. 22


A few months back, Metro commissioned a study to see if Orange Line buses could safely increase speeds across some intersections in the San Fernando Valley. The results recommended that Orange Line buses could safely increase their speeds at certain intersections, improving travel time across the line and making bus trips up to 10 minutes faster than driving.

Before implementing any speed increase, however, testing must be done to make sure the line can continue to operate safely and smoothly.

Travel time improvement testing will take place on the Orange Line next Monday, Feb. 22 through Friday, Feb. 26 between the hours of 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. During testing, service may not reflect scheduled times, and buses may arrive up to 5 minutes early. If you’re traveling the Orange Line next week during the testing period, please plan ahead and keep in mind NexTrip predictions may not be accurate.

Metro staff will be monitoring service to ensure buses remain as evenly spaced as possible during testing. After testing concludes, staff will reevaluate and discuss possible Orange Line schedule changes.

7 replies

  1. I’m as big a fan of rail transit as there is, and even I know this is the smarter option compared to dropping over $1B to upgrade to rail. When you can achieve 80% of the capacity and roughly the same speed for 10% of the cost, how could any other option be considered?

  2. Instead of upgrading to rail, why doesn’t the Orange line just upgrade the intersections with quad gates so that the buses could maintain almost full speed through intersections.

  3. Metro should also consider starting a rush-hour Orange Line express, similar to what the Silver Line is doing. It could stop at only the busier stations (maybe something like Warner Center-Canoga-Pierce College-Reseda-Balboa-Sepulveda-Van Nuys-Valley College-NoHo).