Blue Line resumes normal service

Update 3:50 p.m.: Crews have fixed the earlier signals issues at Florence Station, and the Metro Blue Line is resuming normal service to all stations at this time.

The Metro Blue Line is currently running with up to 10 minute delays due to two incidents on the line this afternoon: an earlier disabled train at Washington Station (now cleared) and ongoing signals system issues near Florence Station.

As a result of the signals issues at Florence, customers should be aware that at this time, northbound Blue Line trains are boarding on the Long Beach-bound platform at Vernon, Slauson and Florence stations. Southbound Blue Line trains are boarding on the Downtown-L.A.-bound platform at the same three stations. Metro personnel are in the process of trouble shooting the signals issues, which originally arose during the scheduled Blue Line midday maintenance earlier this afternoon.

On behalf of Metro, we’d like to apologize to all Blue Line customers for the inconvenience, as crews work to restore the signals system to normal as soon as possible.

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    • They need to upgrade the cars for it the upgrade to be complete. That won’t be possible until enough new cars arrive, which won’t be for a few years. Light rail is not nearly as reliable as heavy rail in general though.

  1. Can Metro reverse the charges (or give credits) to those who park their cars in the lots when the trains or bus lines are working. People down want to pay multiple times when they ride Metro.
    Multiple Times Meaning:
    Parking Fee
    Trains don’t come
    Go back to the car again and drive extra miles to work or school
    Late for work and miss work hours

  2. See, that’s the thing. the Blue Line is down all the time, and yet they want to charge for parking in the new lots. How can I take the metro lines to work when they don’t work half the time, you take away my TAP money if I don’t use it fast enough (because lines are down so I can’t take them) and now you want to charge for parking when I can’t get the station by means other than a car, and charging means the cost of parking plus the train is more than my gas money.
    Makes no sense guys. Charge for parking when there are no spaces left, but until then leave us alone and fix the things that don’t take money from our pockets and incentivize using public transportation.