Gold Line resuming normal service

Final update, 6:55 p.m.: Law enforcement officials have completed their investigation at Highland Park Station and trains have been authorized to resume normal service between Southwest Museum and South Pasadena.

The Gold Line is currently suspended between South Pasadena and Southwest Museum Station while law enforcement investigates a suspicious package near Highland Park Station. Southbound trains from Pasadena are returning north at South Pasadena and northbound trains are only traveling as far as Southwest Museum before turning back.

Metro is working to establish supplemental bus shuttle service between South Pasadena, Highland Park and Southwest Museum Station. We will provide updates here at The Source and on Twitter @metrolosangeles and @metroLAalerts when bus shuttles are on scene, and throughout the incident. In the meantime, the following alternate routes may be useful to some Gold Line customers:

Between Northeast LA and Downtown LA

From Highland Park, Southwest Museum and Heritage Square Stations to Downtown LA

  • Metro Local 81
    • Board on southbound Figueroa Street.
  • Metro Local 83
    • Board on southbound Monte Vista St (Highland Park Station), southbound Marmion Way (Southwest Museum Station), southbound Pasadena Av (Heritage Square Station).

From Downtown LA to Southwest Museum, Heritage Square, Highland Park Stations

Between Lincoln/Cypress Station and Downtown LA

From Lincoln/Cypress Station to Downtown LA

From Downtown LA to Lincoln/Cypress Station

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3 replies

  1. I agree with everything previous riders said about last night’s transit fiasco that left hundreds of people standing on the sidewalk at Southwest Museum with no idea how they were going to get home. No shuttle buses. No updates. And the lone metro rep on scene had no actionable info and appeared to be as confused as riders.

    I gave up waiting for the promised shuttle buses after about 25 minutes of standing on the sidewalk with a growing crowd and dropping temperatures. I ended up walking from the Southwest Museum station to the Fillmore station, where my car was parked—5.5 miles away. I’m lucky—walking 5-plus miles is an option for me. It was NOT an option for elderly riders, riders with disabilities, and people with small children, luggage and/or strollers. Is this the best you can do? Is this the level of service we should expect?

    Most transit users understand that sometimes unforeseen events wreak havoc with train schedules. We get that. But the lack of planning for these inevitable events is unforgivable. We know that this will happen again, Metro, though the circumstances may differ. What is your plan for next time? What level of service can we expect? Perhaps you can consult with other transit agencies to gain a better understanding of best practices to be applied in these situations. As is, you’re convincing people that driving alone in their cars is a better option.

  2. Last night was an absolute joke by METRO and a pathetic example of efficiency.

    What type of organization leaves hundreds of people standing on the sidewalk in the middle of the evening with cold winter temperatures? There were no shuttle buses! There were no updates! There was ONE, lone Metro Representative at the Southwest Museum station, who just punched in at 6 PM, so he had no idea what was going on. He kept fabricating the truth by telling the hundreds of exiting commuters that METRO would always listen to any commuter complaints. What a joke! When does METRO ever listen? When does METRO ever have any contingency plan when Option A falters? When does anything METRO attempts ever work out?

    The so-called police investigation wrapped up and people were able to board before any of the shuttle buses even arrived!!!!

    So THANKS a bunch METRO! We all appreciated your lack of effort while we stood outside in the cold and chilly night.

    I thought by now there would be more messages left on the comment board. Just goes to show you that nobody is really that surprised at the lack of courtesy METRO shows their riders.