Bus shuttles replace Blue Line south of Willow Street Station this Sunday

There will be no Blue Line rail service between Downtown Long Beach and Willow Street Station this Sunday,
Dec. 20, due to inspection of the segment’s overhead power supply system. This annual inspection requires fullblue line map closure of both tracks, and allows crews to survey Blue Line electrical wires and support structures for needed preventative repairs. Though important every year, it is particularly important this year to ensure safe, efficient Blue Line service during El Niño’s predicted stormier-than-usual weather. The inspection has already been completed between Downtown L.A. and Willow Street Station.

From open to close of service on Sunday, Blue Line rail will only be available between 7th Street/Metro Center and Willow Street. In other words, the last southbound stop will be Willow Street, after which trains will return north to Downtown L.A. Blue Line trains are scheduled to arrive approximately every 12 minutes throughout the day.

Metro bus shuttles will run to all stations between Willow Street and Downtown Long Beach Station, matching Blue Line rail service levels. Bus shuttles are free for all customers within two hours of tapping at a Blue Line validator. If you plan on using the Blue Line to get to or from Long Beach this Sunday, please allow extra travel time for your transfer between the train and bus shuttles at Willow Street Station. Metro personnel will be on scene throughout the day to lend assistance.

Regular Blue Line rail service between Downtown L.A. and Long Beach will resume Monday, Dec. 21. If you’re a Metro rider and on Twitter, we encourage you to follow us @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts, where you can get up-to-the-minute status reports on our bus and rail lines.

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