Metro gets ready to weather El Niño

Sorry about the headline, but I can’t help a lame pun.

As many of you are probably sick of hearing know, El Niño is coming our way and it’s supposed to be one of the strongest ones in recent history. High winds, heavy rains, all that jazz. Los Angeles County has information on how you can prepare for the upcoming expected slew of storms.

Here’s a little of what Metro is doing to get ready for the bad weather.

•Field maintenance and traction power crews have inspected water intrusion areas and identified potential flood locations, such as fresh air intake shafts and emergency hatches. These areas will be monitored closely — what can be sealed off will be sealed off. Otherwise, the areas will be modified to avoid water buildup and allow for efficient runoff.

•Teams are working to clear any clogged drains — and to keep them clear.

•Sand bags will be readily available to protect all power substations as well as signals, auxiliary power and electrical rooms. The sand bags may also be used to divert intruding water down into the track drains.

•Maintenance teams continue to regularly test and inspect sump pumps throughout the system. Station canopies, gutters and down spouts are regularly inspected and cleared of debris.

•All rail maintenance utility trucks are outfitted with submergible water pumps and emergency generators for emergency response to flood related issues. They are also being outfitted with chainsaws in case teams need to respond to a fallen tree on the tracks.

•Rail cars and buses are being inspected and repaired for any leaks. Windshield wipers are also being inspected and replaced where necessary.

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