This Sunday: Bus shuttles replace Blue Line south of Willow Street Station

tree trimming

The Metro Blue Line will be closed south of Willow Street Station for the entire service day this Sunday, Dec. 6. The City of Long Beach will be trimming trees adjacent to Blue Line tracks and stations, in preparation for El Niño. Metro bus shuttles will replace rail service between Willow Street and Downtown Long Beach Station throughout the closure.

Blue Line trains will run approximately every 12 minutes from open to close of service. The final stop for all southbound trains will be Willow Street Station. Bus shuttles are free for all customers within two hours of tapping at a Blue Line validator. If you plan on using the Blue Line to get to Long Beach this Sunday, please allow extra travel time for your transfer between the train and bus shuttles at Willow Street Station. Metro personnel will be on scene throughout the day to lend assistance.

Regular Blue Line rail service will resume Monday, Dec. 7. Though we know a day of bus shuttles will be inconvenient for some, the tree trimming work is necessary for public safety and to avoid disruption to Metro Blue Line operations during the winter season. As ever, we encourage all Metro riders to follow us on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts for breaking service alerts.

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  1. Thank you for all the important informations you are providing us riders. Keep up the good work.

  2. The blue line becomes excruciatingly slow going south of Willow station due to constantly having to yield to car traffic. Has there been any update regarding signal prioritization? Usually I wind up just driving to Wardlow to cut around that portion.

    • Hello Thomas,

      We are actually currently working with the City of Long Beach to establish new traffic control along Long Beach Blvd and other streets near the Blue Line south of Willow Street Station. Transit priority is a main objective of the new project, which is in the request for proposal stage.

      Thank you,

      Lily Allen
      Writer, The Source