New Metro video shows how to use El Monte Bike Hub

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Metro’s Bike Program has produced a slick new video that shows how to use the “Metro Bike Hub” at the El Monte Station. Read the earlier opening announcement on the Source here.

The video is portrayed as a scavenger hunt, with characters “Cassandra” and “Akira” looking for their first clue at the El Monte Bike Hub.

Meant to be a fun intro for people interested in parking their bikes at the hub, the video provides hints to prospective users on how to access the bike room and shows the features they can utilize before they board their transit bus.

The El Monte Metro Bike Hub is just the beginning of Metro’s investment in bike hubs. Several more are planned, including Hollywood/Vine, Culver City, L.A. Union Station, North Hollywood Orange Line Station and more. See this Source post for more details.

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  1. Good catch! Actually Akira should have locked his frame (lower chain stay) to the rack as well. The racks are designed with a high railing for this purpose. We provide more thorough instructions to registered users on how to lock their bike properly.

  2. This looks awesome but hopefully those bike holders provide a better way to lock up a bike than just demonstrated by Akira over there. I’m afraid poor Akira is going to come back from his adventure to find his wheel locked to the holder and the rest of his bike long gone. I’m withholding judgment until I see it firsthand but if there isn’t an elegant way to lock the frame of your bike to something sturdy then this was a complete waste of money. I’m totally in support of spending on bike infrastructure by the way — just needs to be done right.