This weekend: Bus shuttles replace Blue Line between downtown L.A.-Vernon Station

Blue Line customers will want to note that a large closure for various maintenance projects will affect service this weekend. (To read more about the work, please see the end of this article.) From Friday, Nov. 13 after 9 p.m. until Sunday, Nov. 15 close of service, Blue Line Grand/LATTC, San Pedro Street and Washington stations will be closed, and there will be no Blue Line trains between 7th Street/Metro Center and Vernon Station.

During the closure, supplemental service will be as follows: Expo Line trains will run regular service betweenblue line shuttle 7th Street/Metro Center and Culver City. Blue Line customers traveling between downtown L.A. and Vernon Station will need to use the Expo Line for service between 7th Street/Metro Center and LATTC/Ortho Institute Station and Metro Bus Shuttles when traveling between LATTC/Ortho Institute and Vernon Station.

Two types of Bus Shuttles will be in effect. A “Local” Shuttle will stop at LATTC/Ortho Institute, Grand, San Pedro Street, Washington and Vernon stations. An “Express” Shuttle will provide direct, non-stop service between LATTC/Ortho Institute and Vernon Station.

For some customers, a combination of the Silver and Green Line is an additional alternate route to consider for travel between downtown L.A. and South L.A.

While work is occurring/bus shuttles are in effect, Blue and Expo Line trains will run:

  • Friday, Nov. 13: Blue Line every 10 minutes between Vernon and Downtown Long Beach through close of service. The last, complete, northbound trip serving all stations will depart Downtown Long Beach at approximately 8:02 p.m. The last, complete, southbound trip serving all stations will depart 7th Street/Metro Center at approximately 8:45 p.m. Expo Line will also run every 10 minutes through the end of the service day.
  • Saturday, Nov. 14: Blue Line every 12-15 minutes between Vernon and Downtown Long Beach and Expo Line every 10 minutes with longer, 3-car trains in support of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at Exposition Park.
  • Sunday, Nov 15: Blue Line every 12-15 minutes between Vernon and Downtown Long Beach. Expo Line every 10 minutes.

To those customers who will be affected by the Blue Line closure this weekend, we’d like to say a big “thank you” in advance for your patience and understanding. As mentioned above, this weekend will see three separate projects accomplished simultaneously during one closure, which is why the planned bus shuttle area is so large. First, crews will be replacing a component of the crossover point–otherwise known as an “interlocking”–south of Washington Station. Upgrades of the overhead-power-supply poles and lines will also occur between Grand/LATTC and San Pedro Street Station. Finally, Metro equipment along the north section of the Blue Line will be “weatherized” in preparation for El Niño. That includes the sealing of electrical boxes, and cleaning/clearing of pumps and drains, among other precautionary tasks.

As maintenance work is a dynamic process, please consider following us on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts for the latest service updates.

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  1. Hi if I’m on century Blvd trying to take a shuttle to LA Colleiusm which one would I take ?

    • Hi Maria;

      Sorry just seeing this now. It’s probably too late, but the answer is take the Blue Line to Vernon and then the express shuttle to 23rd, where you board the Expo Line bound for Culver City. The Vermont Station provides easy access to the Coliseum.

      In the future, best bet to get a quicker answer is to use our Twitter feed at

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Metro just posted on Facebook that the Blue Line is closed just between the Washington and Vernon stations. Which is correct?

  3. The Facebook post Metro just made says Blue Line closed only between Washington & Vernon. Which is it?

    • Hi Mike,

      There will be no Blue Line btwn 7th St/Metro Center and Vernon after 9pm tonight through Sunday close. The information detailed here is correct. The Facebook post is being edited to reflect the proper information. Thank you very much for your question, apologies for the confusion, and please let us know if we can be of further help.

      Lily Allen
      Writer, The Source

  4. So I have to catch a shuttle to the expo line and then catch a train to 7th St/Metro? Is that what you’re saying?

    • Hello John,

      Yes, you are correct. If traveling north to downtown Los Angeles from the Blue Line, you would catch the express or local bus shuttle at Vernon Station to Expo Line LATTC/Ortho Institute Station (only two blocks from Grand/LATTC Blue Line Station). From there you would be able to connect with an eastbound Expo Line train headed into 7th Street/Metro Center.

      Lily Allen
      Writer, The Source