Special commemorative Veterans Day TAP card available at select TVMs starting Monday


In a show of support for the brave men and women who have served our country, Metro has designed commemorative Veterans Day TAP cards that will be available at select TAP Vending Machines starting Monday, Nov. 9.

Cards may be purchased from TVMs at:

  • 7th Street/Metro Center
  • Union Station
  • Pacific Coast Highway Station
  • Expo Park/USC Station
  • Sepulveda Station
  • …or at any of Metro’s four Customer Centers.

Metro is also hosting a special How to Do Business with Metro workshop with emphasis on the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises Program on Nov. 10. If you’re a small business hoping to work with Metro, make sure to RSVP!

3 replies

  1. My question is what significance does using the Veterans Tap Card have, if any? Metro has so many Tap cards now it is unbelievable.

  2. This is a very nice move by Metro and the TAP office on their part, but it raised an unrelated question for me when I saw the list of stations: When Expo Light Rail Line Phase 2 opens there will be a station at the former Home Junction that Metro has tentatively named “Expo/Sepulveda”. Assuming it is not given another name, as many of the original Gold Line stations were just before that Light Rail line opened in 2003, will Metro be altering the name of the station along the Orange Line Busway from “Sepulveda” to something more unique, so as to prevent confusion and delay?

    • I haven’t heard anything about a station name change, but I’ll ask around. I see your point if both stations end up going by the shorthand of “Sepulveda Station” but not sure too many people will be confused given the distance between the two and the fact that they’re not directly connected at this time by another rail line.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source