New healthy food option at Union Station

There’s a new health food option for commuters passing through Union Station. GREEN BOWL 2go, an eatery specializing in fresh-to-go salads and wraps officially opened for business at Union Station East today.

The booth is a welcome addition to the current offerings at Union Station, which dare I say, has lacked options for those watching their waistlines and craving something a little more fresh. GREEN BOWL 2go’s menu features a variety of locally sourced produce, healthy proteins, toppings and dressings and can be customized to suit a variety of tastes.

It’s located on the eastern end of Union Station — that’s the side with Metro’s Customer Service Center and Patsaouras Bus Plaza. A small convenience stand was located in the same spot previously.

The health-conscious eatery adds to a tenant directory that currently includes Ben & Jerry’s, Barista Society, Press Brother’s Juicery, Starbucks, Subway, T&Y Bakery, Traxx Bar and Restaurant and Wetzel’s Pretzels.

And there are still more tenants on the way. Work is continuing to convert the historic Fred Harvey Room into a gastropub run by downtown Los Angeles restaurateurs Cedd Moses and Eric Needleman.

They’re still working through the licensing and permitting process, but we’re told progress on that front is steady. Metro has nearly completed utility upgrades for the space which should help speed up the remaining renovations.

7 replies

  1. With Famima! closing their doors and leaving the US (sad), LA Union Station needs an Asian food eatery again. A ramen store would be nice.

    • Five Guys is good, but will need to becareful as it might open doors to problems involving those with peanut allergies.

  2. Someone suggested to me that an In-N-Out at Union Station would be the best.

    Think about it.

    • I couldn’t agree more! There are too few In-N-Out Burger locations to begin with and Union Station would make a great location for one. Now someone needs to tell In-N-Out about this great oppertunity, Oh and METRO too!

      • As much as I love IN N OUT Burger, I think the long lines of people waiting to order and then having to wait somewhere while they prepare the food may be too overwhelming for Union Station.

    • As much as I love IN N Out Burger, I am not so sure Union Station would be the place for one. I can only imagine how long lines of people would be waiting to order and then having to wait somewhere while they prepare it. I think it might overwhelm Union Station