Blue Line resuming normal service

Update 4:50 p.m.: Power has been restored between Del Amo and Willow St Station, and bus shuttles have been cancelled. On behalf of Metro we’d like to apologize to all Blue Line riders delayed by this afternoon’s incident.

Rail service on the Metro Blue Line is currently suspended between Del Amo and Willow St Station due to a loss of power that occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Long Beach Transit and Metro bus shuttles have been established to transport customers between Del Amo, Wardlow, and Willow Station. Long Beach Transit Line 51 can also be used between 5th St, Anaheim St, PCH and Willow St Station to Del Amo Station. Customers with proof of paid Metro Rail fare will not be charged for Long Beach Transit trips between Long Beach and Del Amo.

Metro customers traveling south of Del Amo Station should anticipate major delays until further notice. Blue Line service between Del Amo and downtown L.A. is currently unaffected.

The cause of the power outage at this time is unknown, and under investigation.

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  1. Metro’s response to the Blue Line fiasco at Del Amo on Friday, October 30 was as if they have never experienced a power loss on the line. When we debarked at Del Amo there were many dozens of people in the parking lot waiting for shuttle buses. For over an hour I watched as desperate people became increasingly impatient with no sign of shuttle buses. In fact, the only shuttle bus present was being held hostage by two people who refused, until the Sheriff Dept. showed, to let the bus depart, further inflaming the situation.Like I said, I (and about two hundred others) had to wait for an hour for shuttle buses. There are more bad things that happened once the shuttle buses picked us up, but the bottom line is that, as a 3-year daily user of the Blue Line, the power loss was handled about as poorly as it could have been, and metro should apologize for a miserable afternoon/evening they caused for several hundred people. Mike

  2. “You can ride muni transit (Long Beach, as an example) for free if Metro Rail is not working. This is news to me. Muni operators like Long Beach may not sufficient emergency bus bridges.
    To provide an extra incentive, Muni operators may want to have an accurate head count. Metro should transmit all the tap cards number which have paid a Blue Line fare to Long Beach Transit. When a rider tab his Blue Line valid fare tab card inside the Long Beach Bus, LB could download Metro’s info from its system. This will avoid the rider to pay a $1.35 extra. LB Transit will use the information of a valid Blue Line fare to request Metro for reimbursement of the bus shuttles based on the number of people who just rode Blue Line.

    This will be a win-win situation to all parties involved. LB Transit gets the reimbursement from Metro. The rider does not have to pay extra money to LB Transit. Metro does not have to scramble additional buses into the affected area.

    As the Expo Line extends to Santa Monica, Metro may not have the speed it needs to scramble additional buses if anything happen along the Expo Line.

  3. Is the shuttle free or do I have to pay to ride Long Beach Transit? I’m so confused.

    • Hi John, all bus shuttles, from Metro or Long Beach Transit, should be free for those who have already purchased fare for Metro Rail. All you need to do is show the operator your TAP card.


      Writer, The Source

  4. This is a mess. Understanding this was an unexpected occupancy, Metro has no contingency plan. There’re suppose to Long Beach shuttles to go from Del Amo to Willow but none are in sight. Instead there’re about hundred people down here pushing and shoving to pay an extra $1.25 to board a Long Beach Transit bus to downtown LB. A little concern d about riding with angry hostile transit-ers screaming about being late to work. Bad move Metro! Should have had a better plan.

  5. This is the second power outage this week. You guys have many of them since the Blue Line opened.