Elevator, escalator and station lighting restored at Vermont/Sunset

Update 4:51 p.m.: Power has been restored to the elevators, escalators and station lights at Vermont/Sunset.


Due to an auxiliary power outage that began around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, the elevators, escalators and station lighting at Vermont/Sunset Station are currently nonoperational. Red Line rail service is unaffected, though trains are entering and exiting the station at reduced speed as a precaution.

The cause of the power outage is unknown at this time. Metro technicians have been dispatched, and are working on the issue. In the meantime, customers entering and exiting the station should please use caution due to reduced visibility.

Those requiring elevator service at Vermont/Sunset may exit at Vermont/Santa Monica Station and board Metro bus 204 or 754 for street-level service to Vermont/Sunset.

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  1. Not a day goes by where LA Metro starts to looks more and more like the Pyongyang Metro with something always goes wrong due to poor maintenance or whatever.

    Then again, Metro is already like the Pyongyang Metro. The priorities are backwards: continue to waste taxpayer money on stuff like art and propaganda to pretend to make it look good and to never question your Dear Leaders, while using old trains and poorly maintained tracks that breakdown all the time.


    Cities with common sense and fiscal responsibility would use that space for advertisement or digital displays which actually helps bring in revenue to help keep the train stations maintained properly or show something helpful like train arrival times or where delays are happening.