Safety ambassadors on new Gold Line route

Safety ambassador speaking to a passerby curious about the new Azusa Station. Photo: Steve Hymon/Metro

Safety ambassador speaking to a passerby curious about the new Azusa Downtown Station. Photo: Steve Hymon/Metro

We’re getting closer to learning the official opening date of the Foothill Gold Line Extension — to be announced October 22! — but in the meantime, Metro already has safety ambassadors at some of the new stations to prepare the local communities for more frequent test trains rolling through. Because most of these neighborhoods haven’t seen frequent passenger rail action in quite some time, those who live and work in the area may need some time to get used to the new lights and bells.

And speaking of, here are a few safety tips to observe around train tracks whether you’re on foot or in a car:

  1. Use designated crossing areas and wait for the walk/crossing signal.
  2. If the gates are down, do not attempt to go around them.
  3. If a train is coming, be sure to stay behind the yellow warning stripes.
  4. Always stop, look, and listen for trains before crossing the tracks, and be sure to look both ways.
  5. Never race a train to a crossing.
  6. Never climb railroad vehicles or walk on the tracks.
  7. Before starting across the tracks, be sure there’s room to get completely across.

The safety ambassadors not only show people the proper way to cross rail intersections, they also hand out information on Metro services and programs and take down feedback from the community.

Currently, there are safety ambassadors at Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte and Azusa stations. They may move to various stations as more information is gathered on the levels of pedestrian, car and bike traffic in the areas. If you see them out there, feel free to stop and say hi!

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