Early bird commuters burst into song on karaoke rickshaw

Photo Oct 06, 8 34 54 AM

Rideshare Week 2015 has begun and Metro riders had a chance this morning to serenade their fellow bus mates. At 7:00am Tuesday, the Movable Parts team unveiled their machine at busy Wilshire/Western plaza to the many commuters passing by. Anyone with five to 10 minutes to spare could start their day with a lullaby of sorts.

A sampling of songs heard:

My favorite performance: the Black Eyed Peas Where Is The Love. Not pictured — the singer quickly putting down the mic in order to hop on his bus.

The best part of the Karaoke Rickshaw is that we have songs in 11 languages! Transportation and singing are clearly the unifying forces in our cities!

This crooner had the whole crowd turned to watch. One viewer stepped up and really felt the vibes.

DO NOT MISS THE NEXT SESSION! The Karaoke Rickshaw will be in Chinatown and Pershing Square this Friday, Oct. 9. See metro.net/rideshare for details!

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  1. Would have been so much lovelier were it not for the THREE trucks parked on the “pedestrian plaza” with apparent permission from Metro. But hey, not like there is a street or a building with a parking garage right nearby…