Friends don’t let friends drive alone


What can you expect from the best Rideshare Week ever? Find our event times and locations at Some of the events:

  1. Karaoke Rickshaw with free giveaways for commuters singing pop hits in English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish.
  2. Guided bike rides and carpools sharing the ride to Ambulante Film Festival.
  3. Eastside Commuter Interviews gathered and published through social media to engage and discuss traveling in various communities in person and online. #Mobilizate
  4. Prize giveaways by logging your trip on the Commute Calendar at You can win 7-day Metro passes, gift cards, handbags, and more!

Join us all week or in person, or follow along online with #ShareTheRide.

Still wondering how to rideshare? Just don’t drive alone! Instead, you can ride the bus, take the train, walk to work, start a carpool, or join a vanpool. It is important for us to consider all of our commute options because the air quality in Southern California is cleaner than it once was — but still among the dirtiest in the nation.

In fact, 27 percent of greenhouse gases that cause climate change are produced by the transportation sector, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In Los Angeles County, one of the problems contributing to pollution is that 72.4 percent of commuters drive alone to work.

So it’s simple: grab a friend and share the ride. Friends don’t let friends drive alone!

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