Repairs to Gold Line completed, normal service resumes

Repair work on the Gold Line’s damaged overhead power supply system — i.e. the wires and the poles that keep them up — has been completed! Normal train service will resume with the start of service this morning, Wednesday, September 30.

A big thank you again to everyone who was inconvenienced by the delays while repairs were being made. The cause of the damage is currently under investigation, and we will update with more information on that later on this week.

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  1. It’s Thursday, so of course the gold line is offline again. Vehicular accident is blocking the tracks towards East LA. Had there been crossing gates, cars would slow down a little near gold line intersections. Wouldn’t it be nice if the south side of the tracks had the same safety systems as the north side?

  2. Here we go it is now the evening and I am heading home. Apparently there is a ” damaged train” or ” damaged track.” Dear Metro please check your trains before you let them depart. It’s a Hassel when you have to wait more than ten minutes at every few stops… it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Mind it I am a disabled/ student passenger.

  3. I have been waiting over 15 minutes for the gold line heading to Pasadena and 3 trains heading to east Los Angeles have passed me. I think metro needs to really improve both their communication to the public and to the make sure they are sure their lines are working.

  4. What’s your maintenance program focused on? There’re are many rats at Memorial Station in the p.m. And there’s an alarm coming from electrical room.