Gold Line residual delays Wednesday afternoon

Good news: the disabled train at Southwest Museum Station has begun moving back to the Gold Line rail yard. Normal service is resuming with some residual delays.

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3 replies

  1. I’ve been riding the Gold line from the beginning, but these constant delays of late are making that more difficult. When you need to wait 20 minutes for a train, or 30 minutes for a bus, driving a car is more efficient.

  2. Hi. The Gold Line seems to have a lot of service delays/cancellations recently. What is the governance process at Metro? For example, does Metro’s Operation Committee review performance tracking monthly and is there a clear defined process to take action (i.e., clear performance thresholds, operational responsibitility)? Can you point to any committee minutes showing Metro took action to fix issues? Thanks.

    • Hi Denis;

      The Board’s System Safety and Operations Committee looks into items involving both those subjects and there are sometimes reports given on on-time performance. But I don’t recall the committee setting particular guidelines and reviewing them each time they meet. Internally, Metro staff do set goals for different performance metrics.

      Obviously a tough week for the Gold Line. Much of the delays over the summer were to accommodate an ongoing maintenance project on the overhead wire system. Hope that helps and thanks for riding,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source