This weekend: Bus shuttles replace Green Line between Hawthorne/Lennox and Willowbrook

Many Green Line riders may have noticed the fresh coats of paint and other cosmetic enhancements made at stations on the western end of the line over the past summer. Less visible, but arguably even more important are upgrades to the Green Line’s signaling system, which have been taking place for the last two years between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and late at night.

This weekend, crews will continue work on the Green Line’s new signal system, requiring the segmentgreen line sign of track between Willowbrook and Hawthorne/Lennox Station to be de-energized. While this occurs, from Friday, Sep 25 after 9 p.m., through Sunday, Sep 27, close of service, bus shuttles will replace rail service between Hawthorne/Lennox and Willowbrook.

Eastbound trains originating at Redondo Beach will travel only as far as Hawthorne/Lennox before returning west. The last stop for westbound trains out of Norwalk will be Willowbrook. The Green Line will run every 15 minutes throughout the weekend as work occurs, with the exception of Friday evening, when trains between Hawthorne/Lennox and Redondo Beach will arrive every 20 minutes instead.

Due to the sizable distance between Willowbrook and Hawthrone/Lennox Station, Metro will provide both express and local bus shuttle service. Customers traveling to or from Crenshaw/I-105, Vermont/Athens, Harbor Freeway/I-105 or Avalon should board buses marked “Green Line Local Shuttle.” For those whose destination stations are not in the bus shuttle area, designated Green Line Express Shuttles will run direct between Hawthrone/Lennox and Willowbrook. Local bus shuttles are planned to arrive every 15 minutes, express buses every 20.

Metro personnel will be on hand, and happy to lend assistance, at all affected Green Line stations throughout the weekend. For transit news and real-time service updates, follow us on Twitter at @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts. And finally, thank you to all Green Line customers for their patience and understanding this weekend.

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  1. My question had to do with the SILVER line! The station was closed and there was no advisory. Could I have got on the Silver Line even though the station was closed above?