Sunday: Expo Line every 24 minutes and bus shuttles replace trains between Expo/La Brea-Culver City

Bus shuttles will replace rail service between Expo/La Brea and Culver City Station this Sunday, Sept. 20 on the Metro Expo Line. This means that throughout the day, all westbound trains will return to downtown L.A. at Expo/La Brea, and eastbound rail service will begin at Expo/La Brea. Trains on the rest of the line will run every 20 to 24 minutes from open to close of service.

expo photobomb

Possibly the first, but certainly not the last photobomb by one of our sneaky new Kinkisharyo rail cars on the Expo Line.

The purpose of the bus shuttles is to allow crews access to the tracks between Expo/La Brea and Culver City, where they will be working on tying in the signals systems of the existing Expo Line and the Phase II Extension to Santa Monica. The 20 to 24-minute wait is due to the fact that trains will also need to
share track between Expo/Crenshaw and Expo/La Brea Station for work to occur. Savvy Expo Line riders may be tempted to park-and-ride at Expo/Crenshaw Station, but please be aware that the parking lot (leased to Metro by a neighborhood church) will be closed for Sunday services.

While we realize this departure from regularly scheduled Expo Line service is a pain, there are two silver linings to keep in mind. The first–for all the football fans out there–is that the Expo Line will follow a regular schedule all day Saturday for the Stanford v USC game at the L.A. Coliseum. The second is that after Sunday’s work, Angelenos will be that much closer to light rail to the beach!

As Expo Phase II work is a dynamic process, please follow us on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts for up-to-the-minute service alerts and updates.

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