Proposed service change to replace Line 450 with extended Silver Line

6026109345_ac05747fe0_bMetro is proposing a bus service change to Line 450 that, if implemented, will begin December 13, 2015, or later. The proposal is to replace Line 450 with an extended Metro Silver Line.

The proposed service change will see the creation of the Silver Line Express, which will run weekday peak-hour service to the Harbor Transitway stations that Line 450 currently makes along the 110 freeway. During the off-peak hours and on weekends, the extended Silver Line service will make all station stops along the Transitway and continue into downtown L.A. and on to El Monte Station. Due to bus turning restrictions in San Pedro, the Silver Line Express and Silver Line will only operate to 7th Street between Harbor Boulevard and Weymouth Avenue.

In addition, Line 246 service levels on Pacific Ave. in San Pedro will be increased to provide connections to the Silver Line Express and Silver Line at Pacific Ave. and 7th Street.

You can provide feedback on proposed service changes at the public hearing on Wednesday, September 16 at 6 p.m. The hearing will be held at Grand Annex, 434 W. 6th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731.

Comments can also be sent to or mailed to Metro Customer Relations, Attn: December 2015 Service Changes, One Gateway Plaza, 99-PL-4, Los Angeles, CA 90012-2932.

Comments will be received through midnight on September 16, 2015.

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  1. The current Sliver Line schedule has the last bus arriving at HGTC at 1:47 am or later, please extend service into San Pedro using that schedule. The current 450 schedule means I have to be home by 9:30 pm (I haven’t had a curfew that early for 5 decades!). Also, you need to get the Silver Line to stop IN Patsaouras Transit Plaza and not on the El Monte Busway / Alameda – Union Station. That walk is torture for some with disabilities.

  2. A part of me is happy that this is finally happening, but a part of me, also taking into consideration that Metro may discontinue the use of Articulate busses, is telling me that this should not happen and should continue to operate Line 450 instead. I like the idea but something tells me this will be (somewhat) poorly implemented.

  3. I suggest that Metro consider either running larger buses on the Silver Line line like you have on the Orange Line or perhaps run the buses more frequently. More people are now riding the Silver Line to bypass the BS on the Blue Line that a passenger encounters.

  4. YEEEES! FINALY! I’ve tried to take one of those busses on the weekend to go to port ‘o call and I spent more time sitting there waiting for a bus then I did at the darn place….

  5. This sounds also like a fare hike in disguise.

    Put it another way, former 450 riders will now have no choice but to fork over $2.50 per ride as it’s now a Silver Line, regardless whether you’re just travelling short distances within San Pedro or doing a long trip all the way to DTLA.

    And per mile wise, it’s cheaper per mile to do the longer trips so the SIlver Line will become even more crowded, discouraging Silver Line riders that get onboard along the route as it’s going to become even more full with higher load factors.

  6. The 450 to my knowledge doesn’t charge the 75 cent fwy fare, while the Silver does. This is unfortunate especially considering Silver Line service is just “okay”. I agree with Mary above, also considering they’ve chopped 550 service.

  7. “Due to bus turning restrictions in San Pedro, the Silver Line Express and Silver Line will only operate to 7th Street between Harbor Boulevard and Weymouth Avenue.” This makes no sense. The 450 turns around it, like the Silver Line is a bus. What’s the difference?

    • True, but one time I was riding the 450, it was making a turn on 1st street from Pacific Ave & it had a rough time getting the other cars out of the way which makes the driver difficult to pass. That’s probably one of the reasons why.

  8. Metro should expand the 450 and not integrate it into the Silverline. The Silverline makes too many stops and is always crowded. I have been riding the 450 for the past two years and ridership has greatly increased. This is why the 450 should and must be expanded…NOT eliminated. I have printed copies of this article to hand out to regular 450 riders this afternoon. Metro should expect to hear from a very vocal group of 450 commuters!