Photos: future Metro bike hubs

The grand opening of the El Monte Metro Bike Hub on Monday sets the agency on a new course for building secure, high-capacity bike parking across Los Angeles County. There are four other Metro Bike Hubs now planned at high-demand transit stations in the coming years. Together, they will add almost 700 secure bicycle parking amenities for bike commuters. Here they are in chronological order to when they are anticipated to open:


Metro plans to open a secure bike parking facility serving the Hollywood/Vine Metro Red Line Station. Like El Monte Station, ground floor retail space was reserved for a bike hub as part of the new development for Hollywood/Vine property — the W Hotel. This hub will contain approximately 72 secure bike parking spaces and provide attended services including bike repair services, parts and accessories sales. It is scheduled to open in mid-2016 on Vine Street, just around the corner from the entrance to the Red Line station.

Culver City Expo Line Station

Metro also plans to open a bike hub directly situated at the Culver City Expo Line Station plaza near the intersection of Venice and Robertson. The facility will be a stand-alone building. This long-awaited hub will provide about 64 spaces and will also have attended services. It is scheduled to open in late 2016 following the official opening of the Expo Line Phase II to Santa Monica. The current 24 bike lockers will also remain, expanding the secure bike parking total to 88 at Culver City.

Los Angeles Union Station

Metro is now evaluating bid proposals for operating bicycle hub facility with up to 300 spaces that will also include a retail bicycle shop and repair services at Union Station’s North Arcade.  Due to the historic nature of property, Metro will be involving its architects in all project phases, including preliminary design, architecture, engineering and construction. Ken Pratt, Metro’s director for Union Station property management, says the hub will be “one of the most beautiful, friendly hubs on the West Coast.” Metro is also looking into providing bicycle tours of downtown Los Angeles and its surrounding communities. Metro’s Union Station Bike Hub is expected to open in 2017 or possibly sooner.

North Hollywood Red/Orange Line Station

The North Hollywood Metro Red and Orange Line Stations are two of Metro’s busiest stations for bicycle boardings and bicycle parking. Metro plans to utilize space for the bike hub in the newly restored Lankershim Depot for customer service, bike repair and retail. Enclosed, secure bike parking will be located on adjacent property. The hub will provide at least 200 secure bike parking spaces. Metro plans to start design work in 2016, with a possible opening in 2018. Metro will also coordinate with future joint development efforts in NoHo to identify opportunities for expansion of the bike hub.

Metro’s Bike Program says it will continue to study and evaluate overall bike parking throughout the entire Metro system to improve secure bike parking needs.


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