New weekend pilot program on Blue/Expo Line to keep rail cars running smoothly

Fresh out of the paint shop, this rail car is refurbished inside and out. Next stop: components overhaul or replacement.

Some of you may have noticed this past weekend that we’ve been running two-car trains along the Blue and Expo Line instead of the usual three. This is part of a new pilot program meant to reduce wear and tear on our Blue/Expo Line rail cars, which are some of the oldest in the fleet. By running shorter train cars during the weekend, when there are fewer riders, Metro’s rail fleet services department will have more time to work on more vehicles so that they’re ready to operate at full capacity during the week.

This ultimately means fewer delays during the week, as we won’t have as many disabled trains clogging up the lines.

Of course, weekends with big events that impact Metro Rail will be taken into consideration. For example, this coming Saturday is USC football’s home opener at the L.A. Coliseum, and Metro Rail will be running enhanced service on game day. But on Sunday and Labor Day Monday, we’ll be scaling back to two-car trains on the Blue/Expo Line.

We’ll keep you updated on any events that will see enhanced service on Metro Rail. In the meantime, until those brand new rail cars start rolling into service (which won’t be until next year), our maintenance crews will work on keeping our current rail cars running smoothly.

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  1. Obviously there’s a big advantage for pickpockets and pervs with that type of sandwiching

  2. That’s right Shawn – get used to it. And don’t EVER question Metro. We will put you down quick.

  3. This would be terrible, inward facing seats gives little more standing room, but makes it more uncomfortable for the rider innless only riding a few blocks. In the past local LA Yellow Cars had inward facing seats in the center sections on the older cars, They were so unpopular that as cars were rebuilt the seating was upgraded to cross facing seats. We can learn from their early experience..

  4. This is pathetic. Hire more people for Fleet Services don’t screw the passengers with two-car trains.

  5. On weekends the blue line carries 3/4 the weekday ridership with half the train frequency. Now on top of that trains will be 1/3 shorter meaning that trains will be even more crowded than they already are. And you’re spinning this as a positive for Metro?

  6. My inner grammar freak has to point this out: there are *fewer* riders on the weekend, and you’re anticipating *fewer* delays during the week.

    • Pat,

      I have edited because I can’t believe I missed those. I can only blame lack of sleep and not enough coffee! #grammernerdsunite

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  7. Anyone remember, do the newer cars have horizontal poles and straps to make it easier for standees?
    The existing lack of handholds and straps is less safe IMO and may be contributing to those reports of a ‘personal space’ issue.