Service Alert: Blue Line power restored in Downtown Long Beach

At approximately 6 a.m., the Metro Blue Line lost power in Long Beach causing suspended service between Willow and Pacific Station. Blue Line trains were authorized to travel as far as Wardlow Station and return northbound to Los Angeles. Bus shuttles were provided to supplement service in the area.

At 7:01 a.m. tracks were re-energized and the Blue Line resumed normal operations with residual delays in Long Beach thru 7:30 a.m. Track personnel are still on site investigating the cause of power outage.

If you were delayed by Blue Line this morning and need delay verification for work or school, please call Customer Relations at 213.922.6235 / Fax 213.922.6988.





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4 replies

  1. I just wish that when you say you have shuttle buses that you really do. Each time I have been delayed because of power failures there are no shuttle buses. We are told to take the Long Beach buses which do not stop because they are to full. Of you are going to tell us there will be shuttle buses then there should be.

  2. Hmm. Last night, the Blue Line train on which I rode home from last night’s concert (Edgar Meyer and friends with the LAPhil, at the Bowl, Nicholas McGegan conducting; I transferred to the Blue Line a little after 11:00 PM) was experiencing momentary power dropouts. I wonder if there was any connection . . .

  3. Blue line down 2 days in a row due to power issues. Is this a problem with the metro infrastructure or Long Beach’es power grid? And have you considered having several teams of horses on stand by to pull the blue line cars thru the unpowered sections?