Recap: Metro takes riders to FYF Fest

Tens of thousands packed Expo Park for this weekend’s FYF Fest to see performances by Kanye West, Bloc Party, FKA Twigs and more. Metro provided late night rail service for festival-goers both Saturday and Sunday nights and had additional staff on hand to help out riders at the Expo Line Expo/Vermont Station.

During their performance, Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele Okereke introduced one of the group’s songs by saying it was about public transport, adding that it’s something L.A. “doesn’t have much of.”

Hey now!

We won’t take it personally (the band is from London after all), but had he visited the corner of Expo/Vermont at any time throughout this weekend, he might’ve thought differently. Even though it will take a few days to tally the number of riders that took Metro to and from the festival, it was clear Metro was one of the preferred ways to go.

Here’s a time-lapse of fans arriving at the Expo/Vermont Station early Saturday afternoon:

The scene at the station as the festival ended Sunday night:

And passengers transferring at 7th Street / Metro Center:

Attendees also shared their Metro experiences on social media:


And of course, props go to FYF Fest and their team for doing their part to make sure everyone made it home safe:


If you took Metro to FYF Fest this weekend, make sure to tell us about your experience in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

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  1. What’s noticeable in one of these photos is that the sign that shows the arrow where Lyft pickups are going to be signifies how much how our transit and mobility options have started changing for this new generation, how rideshare services are here to stay and a good view into the near future of how politicians’ careers can end up toast if they start to put too much heat to over-regulate these services.

    • Just to say that I’m more of the older Millennial group (born in the early 1980s) and in my 30s today and I almost went, but I decided that at the last minute that I’m a little too old for this and wouldn’t be able to keep up with the younger crowd anymore. And looking at the lines, I’m glad I didn’t. I hate standing in lines.

      FYF is more of a 20 something and teenager crowd, the younger half of the Millennial generation. You tend to grow out of these things after hitting the 30 milestone. When you’re 20 or a teenager, these things are cool as your first taste of freedom to do stuff away from parental supervision. But after a while, it becomes, “meh, been there, done that” and it wears off.

      And honestly, going to concerts are tiring after 30, and you begin to realize it’s a total waste of money since they charge you outrageous prices for booze at these places. Take my advice the former self kids, this is you talking 10 years from where you are today. If you’re stuck with student debt, grow out of concerts, bars, and clubs quickly. You don’t need to be adding an extra $1,000-$2,000 worth of credit card debt in booze and parties on top of your student loans just to go to a nightclub or a concert. It’s a lot more cheaper and relaxing to stay at home and do a simple home wine party.

      But would I say you should do it until it gets tiring and boring? Oh yeah, definitely. Just don’t rack up too much credit card debt and use common sense.