Volunteers needed for Trip2GO study about daily travel in L.A.!

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Trip2GO, a multimodal trip planning app developed by Metro, Caltrans, Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) and UC Berkeley, is looking for volunteers to participate in a study on daily travel in the Los Angeles area. Participation is easy, and participants will also receive gift cards worth up to $100!

Are you eligible? You must have an Android smart phone and live and/or work in the travel corridor that runs from Pasadena through downtown Los Angeles to Long Beach.

What’s involved? Participants will complete a couple of questionnaires online about their households and travel choices. They can also earn more rewards by filling out a few shorter questionnaires about daily trips. The research team will analyze the data and use the results to hopefully improve travel forecasting and planning.

How do I sign up? The sign-up period will be open until September 4, 2015. Participants must be able to commit to a 2-week period of daily testing. If you’re interested, fill out this form to get started!

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  1. Anna: What does “live/work in the travel corridor” mean? I work in the corridor, but I don’t live in the corridor. Do I qualify? Please change the text to read either “live and work in the travel corridor”, or “live or work in the travel corridor”.

  2. I’ll bet this study leaves out the motorcycle option. These kinds of studies are usually limited in scope that it only looks at the car driver and the other alternative being the public transit user, but turns a blind eye to motorcyclists like we don’t exist or like that’s not even a considerable option.