New time for Gateway Cities Service Council Meetings

To make meetings more accessible to the public, the Metro Gateway Cities Service Council elected to move the start of their meeting time from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The new 6 p.m. meeting time goes into effect Thursday, August 13. Meetings will take place at the same location the Gateway Cities Service Council has used for the past several years – Salt Lake Park Community Center at 3401 East Florence Avenue in Huntington Park. The Service Council typically meets on the second Thursday of each month.

The Gateway Cities Service Councils is one of five regional Metro Service Councils. The other four serve the South Bay, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and Westside/Central regions, and usually meet monthly in their regions on a set schedule.

Metro Service Councils review and take action on staff recommendations for service modifications, receive public input on Metro bus and rail service, conduct public hearings, evaluate Metro bus programs, and make policy recommendations to the Metro Board about service in the area they represent. Visit Metro’s Service Councils page for more info. If you’d like to submit a comment but can’t make a meeting, you can email

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  1. What has been going on with the Gold Line? If you know the train is going to be late can’t you add another car so we’re not all smashed together?