We love Metro best …. but here’s another great way to get to the Games

We’re pushing Metro, of course, as a great way to Special Olympics events. And it is. But let’s say for the sake of argument, that getting to a specific event is a tiny bit difficult via public transit. How about sharing a car ride with someone else?

How do you find a carpooler driving near the event of your choice? Head over to ridematch.info — the regional ridesharing webside with more than 300,000 registered participants in three counties: Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura. On ridematch.info, fans can post their trip in a public forum and find carpool partners to more than 180 Special Olympics events in and around L.A.

For the next week all World Games events and locations are on ridematch.info and we can see potential carpools even before registering. Once a match is found, it’s necessary to register to get contact information for the carpools traveling near the desired event. Potential carpoolers should then contact the person on the carpool list and discuss logistics, such as where and when to meet, rules (if any) and shared cost.

Go to ridematch.info, look for Find a Ride and fill in your zipcode. Press Search. Click on Search Events (under “To” box). Use drop down menu to find Special Olympics (under Type). Then fill in event under Name (ie golf, aquatics, bowling). Wait for events to appear and select the date and time you wish. Click Search and ride options will appear.

Most participants are commuters traveling to work but for the next week, some rideshare.info participants are stepping up to the plate to help L.A. reach the games.

Reach up and ride L.A.!