Bus stop relocated at Wilshire/La Brea for Purple Line construction

The notice from Metro is below and the relocation begins THIS SUNDAY. The relocation will continue for several years  as the northwest corner of Wilshire and La Brea will first be used for construction staging on the project and then will become the entrance to the underground station.


Here’s a fact sheet from the project about the Wilshire/La Brea station:



For more about the Purple Line Extension, visit the project’s homepage on metro.net or follow the project on Facebook and Twitter. The project is funded by Measure R, the half-cent sales tax increase approved by Los Angeles County voters in 2008, and federal grants.

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  1. The 20/720 were still stopping at the regular stop this morning so people continue to wait there adding to the confusion. This has been going on ever since they started the teardown of the customer service center. The signage is also awful (and has been for weeks). Really, not rocket science. “This stop is CLOSED until further notice. Please board the 20/720 at Cloverdale and Wilshire.” See?

    • Indeed buses were stopping at the La Brea/Wilshire stops on Tuesday during PM rush. I note with my usual cynicism that even though Metro has had over a month to implement this closure, no area map graphic showing the affected stops and their replacements could be prepared, no reprogramming of the bus announcement recording or information screens could be undertaking and no new paper timetables showing the new stop(s) could be printed up. Bodes poorly for any future Construction Management on the Purple Line Extension.